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Wolf Xpress Relocates to Better Serve Students

Wolf XpressWolf Xpress Print and Copy Center, formerly known as the University Graphics Copy Center, is relocating from the main bookstore to the new Atrium! Everyone will now have a convenient copy center in the heart of campus. Wolf Xpress will open in its new location, to the left of the main food court entrance,  by January 10, 2011.

Plans originally called for the North Campus Bookstore to occupy the space, but since the main bookstore will relocate to the lower level of Harrelson for the next four years while the student center is renovated and expanded, it made more sense to use the space for WolfXpress Copy.

Wolf Xpress has many options for printing at NC State–like the brand new Espresso Book Machine (EBM), which enables students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors to print library-quality paperback books on-site in minutes. Other products and services include:

  • Business Cards

    Future Home of Wolf Xpress

  • Letterhead & Envelopes
  • Banners & Posters up to 42 inches x 108 inches – paper or vinyl
  • Black & White or Color Copies up to 12″ x 18″
  • Full Color Flyers & Brochures
  • Note Pads
  • Special Papers & Transparencies
  • Carbonless Paper
  • Binding Services
  • Dry Mounting
  • Laminating up to 36 inches in width x 108 inches
  • Document Folding
  • Collating and Inserting
  • Poster Tubes for Storage
  • Free Pick Up & Delivery

All these options are available at affordable prices.  Now students can place an order online, pick it up, and get a Chick-fil-A sandwich all in one convenient location–the new Atrium!

The Future of our Food Venues

Jonah'sOn Friday, several of us at University Dining made a trip to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va., to check out some new foodservice venues they recently opened to get some ideas of what we’d like to do in the new Talley Student Center and on Centennial Campus.

Our first stop was Jonah’s, a Culinary Emporium, which offered a variety of choices: carved turkey, pizza, lasagna, rotisserie chicken, burgers, salads and more. It also had a built-in C-Store with mostly food items, a grab-and-go section, and fresh produce. The produce looked pretty, but I asked how much of it is actually purchased. Turns out to be very little, but they pull from it for their menu creations which means that nothing goes bad. How green of them!

We were very impressed with the offerings, from the brick-oven pizzas (wish we could have one of those in the new Atrium, but NO FIRE IN THE LIBRARY!!, plus not enough space) to the plated items. They had a turbo oven that enabled them to quickly heat items instead of keeping it hot all the time (thus drying it out and creating waste if it sits too long).

The bakery case was hard to resist, but I had to ask: would our students pay $2.99 for a dessert? A challenge on college campuses is to provide great food at an affordable price…we have a lot of students paying their way (and trying to be good stewards of mom and dad’s money), so it’s a delicate balance.

Peanut Butter ChocolateNext, we visited Market 810, which also had marketplace-style “mini-restaurants.” It had about six stations. Through their meal exchange program (similar to our equivalency) you could exchange two meals for something extra special…on this particular day, they had crab legs. Holy mackerel!

I particularly enjoyed the comment wall…students were invited to comment in a public place, and the manager would reply, often with an entertaining response. It was comforting to know that, even in the nicest of dining locations, students still found things to comment on…anyway, I digress…

When the Atrium Food Court opens, it will be NC State’s first glimpse into the type of foodservice we are moving toward as we plan for Talley Student Center and new dining facilities on Centennial Campus. I know it’s a hassle to eat in a bubble, stand in long lines in a temporary serving area, and…here comes the worst part: do without Waffle Fries for a semester, but I promise you: it will all be worth it. Check out the photos on our Facebook page as this is the caliber of foodservice we have in store for NC State.

From Renderings to Reality

Asian/Sushi ConceptWe hope you are counting down the days to the opening of the new Atrium concepts in January.  Check out the renderings on the wall in the temporary Atrium serving area and online!

In January 2011, the two sides of the Atrium will flip flop.  The left side, the serving area, will be open for service and the right side will close to be transformed into the new seating area.  The application of modern colors, furniture, flooring and lighting in the Atrium will bring new life to the Brickyard eatery.

Atrium Food Court Architects, Moser, Mayer & Phoenix Architects, PA and The Baker Group, are working diligently to complete the left side of the Atrium renovation, which will  include the new serving area and new food concepts, including Asian/sushi, pizza/pasta, custom salads, and wraps.  Chick-fil-A will be the centerpiece of the new serving area, and the waffle fries will return at last!

Carefully strolling through this week in a hard hat, I could see the layout of the new serving area is beginning to take shape!  The new layout will guide students swiftly through the serving area during high volume times from their food choice directly to the register and into the seating area (the seating area will open in August 2011).

Over the next few months, the Atrium will morph into reality.  Until then, check out the pictures below for a sneak peek of the construction. Atrium slide show

Freshens, A Smooth Operation

Freshens has officially joined the food court lineup in Talley Student Center.  Along the Cates Avenue side in the seating area,  you can find fresh smoothies and frozen yogurt served in a variety of flavors and topped with favorites like granola, berries, and candy.

The three-day Freshens Grand Opening Celebration in Talley Student Center began Tuesday morning with a Facebook VIP Event.  More than 1,300 customers RSVP’d to the event, but only the first 100  in attendance were eligible.  One-hundred free smoothies were distributed before 12:00 p.m., with most customers ordering their smoothie of choice on the spot.

Freshens Grand Opening Festivities continue Wednesday and Thursday with free samples and coupons.  The Freshens Banana Mascot will also be in attendance, welcoming patrons to the new location.   Students, faculty and staff can come by  and receive a coupon for a free topping with a yogurt purchase.

Relocation from the Atrium Food Court

Freshens has permanently relocated to Talley from the Atrium Food Court.  The new Atrium will emphasize Fresh Food Fast, and with Freshens option of customizing smoothies and yogurt, the line can get lengthy.  The new location in Talley can better accommodate this healthy and delicious option.  Hours of operation will be 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Friday, and closed Saturday and Sunday.

Where are the Waffle Fries?

If you’ve taken your lunch break lately at the Atrium, chances are you were expecting to find Chick-fil-A’s iconic waffle fries.

The crispy, golden-brown goodness of Chick-fil-A’s waffle fries will not return until January.   But why?

Chick-fil-A’s strict operational requirements dictate that the fryer can not be located more than 20 feet from the serving area. Currently, the kitchen and prep areas for the Atrium restaurants are located about 50 feet away from the serving area.

Waffle fries will return in January, when the new Atrium concept debuts. As a matter of fact, the new Chick-fil-A will be twice the size of the old space and feature four fryers to keep up with the demand!

Although, waffle fries will be temporarily unavailable, there is a tasty fry alternative available.  Check out the new fry station located in between the Wrap Bar and the Chick-fil-A serving areas.  The alternative may not be waffle-shaped, but they still have the potato goodness you expect from a fry in every bite.

August 20, 2010

At Your Service

The Atrium is NOW SERVING!  The temporary serving area located on the right side of the Atrium opened Monday at 7:30 a.m.  Now serving Chick-fil-A, a variety of fresh pre-made wraps, and Li’l Dinos subs and salads, students can grab a bite and sit and eat in the air-conditioned Brickyard Bubble.

Patrons will have access to the Atrium Dining Hall from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, except during University breaks. The Brickyard Bubble, the temporary seating area, will also be open daily during these hours.

Updates on the Renovation

Freshens Smoothies and Yogurt is expected to open after Labor Day in September.  Freshens will be celebrating the relocation with grand-opening festivities, including free tastings and coupons.  If you’re in the Brickyard craving a frozen treat, stop by the Creamery serving Howling Cow Ice Cream,  inside D.H. Library.

Atrium and Brickyard Slideshow

August 16, 2010

Brickyard Pizza and Pasta

This week, Chef Ed Sautro from McIntyre Sales alongside Executive Chef Bill Brizzolara introduced four potential crusts and sauces to University Dining Staff. The winning product combination will make its debut in the new Atrium concept, Brickyard Pizza and Pasta in January.

Brickyard Pizza and Pasta is the first concept to be named of the four new dining options that will be available in January.  Located in Central Campus, the Brickyard has historically been a gathering place for students. University Dining wanted to pay tribute to that tradition with this new addition to the Atrium lineup.  Brickyard Pizza and Pasta will feature student favorites like personal pan pizzas, pasta classics like spaghetti and meatballs, and vegetarian options.

University Dining will be using Roseli Brand Pizza Sauce, Roseli mozzarella cheese, and a crust that will suit most taste buds with its soft yet slightly crunchy texture. All pizzas will be cooked in a pizza oven that evenly cooks both crust and toppings. Pizza choices will include classics like pepperoni, cheese, veggie, supreme, and a few other variations.

Atrium Renovation Updates

The Brickyard Bubble is completely enclosed and crews are working diligently to tie up loose ends.  The right half of the Atrium is in its final stages of preparation before students arrive on campus next week.  Students will be directed to enter and exit through specific areas in the temporary serving area for quick service. Check out the newest pictures below:
August 2 Slideshow

Flashback to the 80’s

Photo from the 1985 Agromeck

Looking back in history, the Atrium received its last major renovation in the summer of 1985.  Formerly, a mouthful– Erdahl-Cloyd Annex of the D.H. Hill Library–the food court has transitioned over the years into the Atrium Annex and then, simply, the Atrium.

The 1985 renovation transformed the Brickyard dining facility into the Atrium we know today over the summer months from April to August.   Upon its grand opening, August 30, the new Atrium combined the Annex Snack Bar and Sir Bradley’s.  The renovation greatly expanded the space and upgraded the seating area from 250 to 300.  New features included decorative lighting, elevated sections, and seated and walk-up areas.

Former Atrium restaurants included the Annex Snack Bar, Sir Bradley’s, and Sunrise Creamery.  Breakfast items included an assortment of breakfast biscuits and juices.  Lunch and dinner options included an extensive salad bar, hot dogs, barbecue sandwiches, French fries, a soup counter, hamburgers, and a deli-line with homemade breads.

The Sunrise Creamery served NC State Ice Cream (branded Howling Cow Ice Cream in 2009).  The Creamery, a nod to the former brand name, is now located in the West Wing of the library and features ice cream scoops, sundaes, shakes, cookies, milk, soft drinks, and Wolfpack-to-Go items.

The biggest change during the former renovation transformed the service style into a station-style service area , allowing customers to enter the area they want without waiting in a traditional line.  The new renovations will take that even further, with even more of a food-court feel.

In 1985, to serve patrons in the Atrium’s absence, mobile hot dog carts were put in place along with special-event trailers to maintain continued service.  The 2010 renovation however, will be done in phases to ensure more robust food service to ensure students can still get their  Chick-fil-A sandwich or a Li’l Dinos sub before the new concepts open in January 2011.

“The new dining areas are being built to provide the campus with a more attractive and efficient dining and snacking operation,” said Walt Barkhouse, ’85 Director of Operations for University Dining.  Twenty-six years later, the same holds true.  The new Atrium will be more attractive, more efficient, but most importantly very tasty!

Construction Pictures:

Wolfpack-to-Go is Here to Stay

This summer, University Dining unveiled Wolfpack-to-Go, a new line of fresh, convenient lunch items.  It has received rave reviews and will be featured at the Atrium when the new options open in January. Branded with a red and white logo, the line features 52 varieties of sandwiches, salads, wraps, pitas, and yogurt parfaits at affordable prices.

The new items are currently offered at the Cremery, Hill of Beans, Vet School Cafe, and McKimmon Corner Cafe.  We are looking at how it could be extended into the campus C-Stores in the future.

The menu is offered on a rotating basis to maintain variety, and at least one vegetarian item is offered each day.  Everything is prepared using fresh, wholesome ingredients like bread from the local Neomande™ Bakery.  Prices range from $2.99 to $4.29, which make it possible for diners to still purchase chips or fruit and a drink and keep their lunch affordable.  Most combinations enable meal-plan holders to stay at or below their equivalency rate.  Of course, all University Dining locations take Board Bucks,  AllCampus and credit cards in addition to the meal plan.   

Renovation Updates

Atrium Renovations are on schedule, with the temporary serving area scheduled to be complete just in time for school to begin.   The Brickyard Bubble is also quickly taking shape.  In just the past week, the frame and canvas covering have been added to the Bubble with insulation also in place.  Last week, Technician published a story about the Bubble’s Construction, detailing the Atrium Renovation plans.

Check out the slideshow below for the newest pictures.

Brickyard Bubble Takes Shape

An Example of a Temporary Seating Bubble

As you walk through the Brickyard this fall, you’ll notice a foreign object, but rest assured it’s not from outer space.  It’s the Brickyard Bubble, a rectangular-shaped temporary seating area that will be in place for the 2010-2011 academic year.

This week, the construction crew has fenced off an area for the Bubble’s new home in the Brickyard, near the Atrium.  They’ve started to frame the temporary seating area, which appears larger with the fencing in place.  The 50×80 foot rectangular enclosure is being delivered July 12 and will be installed over the next few weeks.

Why a temporary seating area? Since the Atrium is being renovated in phases to ensure continuous food service, we needed to provide an external place for our patrons to sit down to eat.  The temporary seating area will keep everyone comfortable and safe year-round.  It is equipped with heating and air as well as a sprinkler system.

Take a virtual stroll through the Brickyard below via our slideshow.  You’ll see a mound of upturned bricks in the pictures.  Construction crews are laying utility wires, but the bricks will be back in place soon.
The bubble slideshow

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  • Project Schedule

    May 2010: Atrium closes for the summer to create a temporary serving area in the current seating area. The current serving area will be sealed off as renovations begin.

    August 2010: An interim food court consisting of Chick-fil-A, wraps, and subs will open in the current seating area. A temporary facility in the brickyard will provide seating during the construction. Construction of the new food venues is complete late December.

    January 2011: New serving area opens. Interim serving area is closed and transformed into new seating area. New restrooms are built. The temporary facility will continue to serve as the seating area.

    May 2011: Atrium is closed to complete renovations to the kitchen area and HVAC. Temporary seating area is removed from the Brickyard.

    August 2011: Finished Atrium opens.